How to Heal Ulcers Naturally

I bet you know of someone who has problems with ulcers or maybe your self are dealing with ulcers.

Peptic ulcers affect approximately 5 million Americans each year, and it is estimated that they will affect approximately 10% of Americans at some point in their lives.

Contrary to popular belief, stress does not cause ulcers. It can however, aggravate the condition.

A peptic ulcer is spot where the lining of the stomach or small intestine and the tissues beneath have been eroded, leaving an internal open wound. The surrounding tissue is swollen and irritated.

7 Reason Why You May Get Ulcers
1. Certain drugs and supplements also may increase acid production
2. Taking aspirin or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, especially over a long period of time, can increase stomach acidity and lead to ulcers.
3. Steroids, such as those taken for arthritis, can contribute to stomach ulcers.
4. Family history if peptic ulcer disease.
5. Alcohol consumption.
6. Heavy smokers
7. African-American and Latinos are twice likely to have ulcers.

Usually antacids are recommended but follow the package directions carefully. If used incorrectly, these drugs can cause kidney stones and a variety of other problems.

7 Guidelines to Follow….
1. Eliminate any foods that cause discomfort. Includes cow’s milk.
2. Eat a high-fiber diet.
3. Avoid drinking coffee.
4. If you must take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for arthritis or for another type of inflammation make sure you have ginger drinks every day.
5. Drink cabbage juice. It is the most famous natural remedy for ulcers.
6. Check for food allergies.
7. Eat more bananas as they are known to protect the stomach lining from acid.

Nutrients that help

• Beta-carotene
• Vitamin E – speak to your Dr. about the therapeutic amounts you should take
• Zinc – speak to your Dr. about the therapeutic amounts you should take
• Vitamin C

Dr. Chaney’s Ulcer Drink
½ head green cabbage
2 stalk of celery
½ apple, seeded

Wash all ingredients. Slice apple and cabbage. Process all ingredients. Stir and drink.
Juice should not be taken on empty stomach.

According to Dr. Garnett Chaney, only fresh green cabbage heads should be chosen for juicing. One quart of juice should be drunk daily until the ulcers heals. The can be taken in four or five individual servings. Ideally, it should be served five time daily. In the middle of morning with crackers, with lunch, in middle of the afternoon with crackers, with the evening meal, and at about eight or nine o’clock with crackers. The juice should not be taken on an empty stomach. Need to juice fresh juice daily.

The raw cabbage juice may be made more palatable for some people by the addition of celery juice, which has healing properties. Pineapple juice is a good addition

Cabbage juice should never be heated, as you will destroy the healing properties.

Beneficial Juices

• Cantaloupe, spinach and carrot – sources of beta-carotene.
• Kale, red pepper and collard greens – sources of vitamin C
• Cabbage and celery – source of the ulcer-healing properties
• Ginger root – may protect stomach ling from drug injury.

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Gingered Cantaloupe
¼ inch slice ginger root
½ cantaloupe, you can leave the skin on

Peel the ginger root. Slice cantaloupe to fit your juicer. Process all ingredients. Stir and drink.

I hope you enjoy these recipes and they help you with healing. Please leave comments on how they helped you or any ideas that you have to help ulcers to heal.

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You’re Juicing Health Fanatics,
Georgia Nunn & Tonia Castillo