Difficultly in Falling Asleep or Sleep Disruptions

The problem of falling asleep and sleep disruptions leads to loss of brain volume. In an article by Life Extension Feb. 2015, relatively healthy older adults with short sleep duration have significantly smaller brains than those with longer sleep duration. In addition, for every hour of reduced sleep duration, they experience a 0.59% yearly increase in the size of the blood-filled ventricles, and a 0.67% decrease in cognitive performance. Similarly, increases in brain shrinkage are associated with decreased quality of sleep as well.

This problem seems to affect everyone at some time or another.

Psychological problems are the cause of 50% of all sleep difficulties. Here are few drugs that can cause you to have problems falling asleep or disrupt sleep: thyroid preparations, beta blockers, caffeine, marijuana, and alcohol.

Try doing a regular routine of exercising. Exercising help reduce stress or find a way to reduce your stress.

If you are taking medications as your doctor or pharmacist if it may be causing you insomnia.

Here’s a Juice Recipe for Insomnia…

Good Night Drink

1 stalk celery
3-4 carrots

Wash your vegetables. Process all ingredients. Stir and drink 1 hour before bedtime.

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Juice to Your Health!

You’re Juicing Health Fanatics,
Georgia & Tonia


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Fruits in a Market Hall

Most Ideal Fruits and Vegetables for Juicing (Part 2)

Some fruits should be a stable in your daily juicing routine. Here is a short list of fruits. It’s a list some of the fruits that are easy to buy and provide you with lots of health benefits that your body needs daily.

Fruits in a Market Hall

Fruits in a Market Hall

Today, we have so many varieties available to us. It is almost staggering trying to figure out which ones to buy. I can limit many by looking for organic. I usually choose granny smith (green apple) because it is lower in sugar. The apple is has antioxidant compounds in the skin, in particular quercetin, epicatechin, and procyanidin. These are thought to be part of reason apples protect us from brain damage which causes Alzheimer’s and Parkinson disease. According to studies, apples may reduce the risk of several common cancers. Apples also contain a soluble fiber called pectin, which is known to lower high cholesterol levels, regulates digestive function and helps boost the immune system.
Now, you can see why the old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. More truth to it than we ever knew growing up. Apples are great to add to just about and mix of fruits and vegetables.

Berries I am included under this title are the blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. You cannot beat these fruits for bursting with antioxidants. They are easy to juice.

Blueberry: Is the number one fruit for helping to protect the cells from free radical damage and aging. According to research, blueberries rank top in antioxidant activity compared to 40 other fresh fruit and vegetables.

Raspberry: Contain antibacterial properties, there are excellent source of vitamin C and are rich source of fiber. The antioxidants in raspberries protect us against inflammatory diseases, allergies, cardiovascular disease, age-related cognitive decline and cancer. High in ellagic acid, which is thought to lower your high cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Plus it promotes the healing of wounds.

Blackberry: This berry has the highest level of phytoestrogens in the berry world and is bursting with vitamin C, which helps to perk up energy levels when the body needs and extra boost.

Strawberry: Contains more vitamin C than citrus fruits. Strawberries are one of the highest sources of polyphenols, antioxidants associated with skin health.


Grapes contain antioxidants that fight cancer and promote cardiovascular function. Grapes have been found to have resveratrol which good for anti-aging, (found mainly in the red grapes). This compound together with pterostilbene and saponins, aids heart health by reducing the risk of blood clots and relaxing blood vessels. Grapes are also known to be very effective at eliminating toxins from the body and cleansing the blood and intestines.

Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and A. In addition, it also contains potassium and the B vitamins. It has pectin to lower cholesterol and bioflavonoids to strengthen blood capillaries. Grapefruit can help immune system support, help in cancer prevention, and help prevent kidney stones. A sweet and tangy citrus fruits may help in weight reduction by boosting your metabolism.

Kiwi Fruit
This little green fruit is packed with more vitamin C than an orange. It is sweet and juicy to eat. Two to three kiwis a day for four weeks reduced the potential for forming blood clots by nearly 20 percent compared to those who did not eat kiwis. Kiwi’s will also reduced your triglycerides and protect your blood vessels and heart.

Lemons have a compound called limonene, which also has anticancer activity, is responsible for this effect. It has natural antiseptic properties, makes for great remedy for sore throat. It’s known to help reverse skin aging, boost the immune system and prevent the formation of kidney stones and lower cholesterol.

Oranges have a perfect balance of nutrients that will help protect you from colds, flues, bruising, and heart disease. It strengthens your blood vessels and capillaries because of the soluble fiber pectin, which helps control blood cholesterol levels. Oranges are low on the glycemic index.

Pears are great fruit to juice or eat if you have allergies. The insoluble fiber in pears helps to eliminate cholesterol from the body. Pears also regulate digestion and the vitamin C and folate content boost immunity. The pear skin maybe healthier than flesh. It contains at least four times more phenolic phytonutrients, which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties.

Pineapple is rich in bromelain, which is an enzyme that helps in digestion. Bromelain also soothes the throat and often cures laryngitis. The bromelain breaks down the amino acids so your digestion is eased. It gives you an energy boost. The vitamin C fights free radicals and enhances your immune system. Great for good eye health.

It is one of the richest fruits in potassium. If has excellent source of fiber which helps control blood sugar levels. It contains the enzyme papain, which helps us digest protein. The level of vitamin C, E and beta-carotene in papaya are helpful to reduce risk of colon cancer. The vitamins and minerals in papaya are good for heart health, inflammation reduction; boost your immune system and lots of vitamin A for healthy eyes. Papayas are vitamin rich antioxidants. It is very hard to buy this fruit organic.

This is just a list of 10 common fruits that are used alot in juicing because of all the benefits and there availability. There are alot of other good fruits but they are only seasonal and we cannot get them year round. It good to use seasonal fruits… it give you variety in your juice drinks. You can put together a combination of vegetable and fruits to fit your health needs. Just learn the benefits of each and then put them together for delicious healthy glass of juice.

Juice to Your Health,
Georgia Nunn

The Health Power of Juicing Beets...

The Health Power of Juicing Beets…

Is your body producing enough nitric oxide? beetroot

Are you wondering how in the heck do beets and nitric oxide have in common?

Why do need beets?

If you are naturally, low in Nitric Oxide here some the health effects:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Lack of stamina
  • Poor circulation
  • Fatigue or energy drain
  • Sexual enjoyment
  • Restless sleeping habits
  • Fuzzy thinking – poor brain health

These are very good reasons to juice beets.  I originally used it to lower my blood pressure.  I am now, sleeping solid.  Brain is even functioning better!

Americans over the age of 40 do NOT produce enough Nitric Oxide, according to the American Heart Association.

Having a healthy level of nitric oxide in your body is critical if you want a strong heart, relaxed arteries, great circulation, and smooth blood flow.

Japanese researchers have discovered that people ages 70-80 have lost 75% of Nitric Oxide production.

Important to know…. To help keep your blood flowing smoothly, nitric oxide inhibits platelet aggregation.

In Ancient times, beets and beetroot were used to treat fevers, constipation, wounds and various skin problems.

Beets come in several varieties:  red-purple, orange-yellow and white.  The unique red beets contain betanin and betacyanin which beneficial for your blood.  Yellow varieties are rich in B-xanthin pigment.

 Beets are highly nutritious and “cardiovascular health” friendly root vegetables.

Antioxidants in this root as well as in its top-greens have found to offer protection against coronary artery disease and stroke; lower cholesterol levels within the body, lower blood pressure and have slows the aging process.  Provides a glow to your skin.


Vitamins:  C, K, E, A, B-12, B-6, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate.  Minerals:  Calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, manganese and zinc.

Beet Juice will dilate your arteries, and boosts your circulation….

Beets… plain and simple have life-boosting benefits!

Beets will boost your nitric oxide.

You can buy Nitric Oxide Indicator Strips in local Walgreen, CVC or any place similar. Super easy to use and you know right away if you are depleted or low.  This something you can take care of yourself and manage yourself.  It’s call taking care of your health and control of your health.

 Raw beets are an excellent source of folates. It contains about 100g of this vitamin (Provides 27% of RDA).

Because of all the minerals, it helps in normal brain functions, reproductive functions, bone structures, and normal glucose metabolism.

The rich minerals contained in beets contribute to the well-being of the liver and gall bladder while building up the blood corpuscles and cells.

It stimulates the activity of the lymph glands.

It will lower your blood pressure.

It can help in lowering cholesterol numbers.

It flushes the kidneys and bladder.

Beets contain trytophan which relaxes the mind and keeps you calm.

Garden beet is very low in calories (provide only 45 kcal/100 g), and contains zero cholesterol and small amount of fat. Beets have a high sugar content but it released into you system slowly.

Modern science confirms the rejuvenating power of beets and beet juice:

“Evidence suggests beet juice improves heart health.”  Today’s Dietitia 

“Many Olympians in London were juiced on it.”  New York Times

“A daily dose of beet juice promotes brain health.”  Science Daily

“A daily glass of beet juice can lower your blood pressure.”  Daily Mail

Beet juice is very potent, NEVER drink it by itself.  You can add apple, carrot or cucumbers.  Example:  4 apples to 1/2 small beet.  Great addition to any juice.

Juice Recipe to Lower Your Blood Pressure

2  kale leaves

2  celery stalks

1   small beet

4-5 carrots

1/2 apple

1/2 cup of blueberries

1/2  inch of gingerroot

Wash all vegetables and fruit.   Cut up beet to fit your juicer.  Peel carrots if not organic and then cut them if necessary.  Peel apple if not organic and slice to fit juicer.  Peel gingerroot.  Process all ingredients.  You can add another beet.

First glass of juice I had lowered my blood pressure 30 points.  I hope it works for just as well for you, as did for me.

KNOW where your nitric oxide level….

Keeping your nitric oxide level at its optimal level will help you in having more energy, good blood flow to your heart, support a healthy blood pressure because arteries are relaxed, it relaxes and widens your blood vessels, improves blood flow to the brain, and it will heighten sexual enjoyment.

Because I do not like eating beets, by juicing I get beets into my daily diet.

Juice to Your Health!

You’re Juicing Fanatic,

Georgia Nunn

Juicing with Cucumber for Better Health

Juicing with Cucumber for Better Health

 Do You Know the 4th Most Cultivated Vegetable in the World?

It’s the cucumber…often referred to as a superfood.  Making this vegetable great for juicing.

Cucumber is called (Cucumis sativus) is a widely cultivated plant in the gourd family. There are three main varieties of cucumber: slicing, pickling, and burpless.

Cucumber orginated from south Asia, but today they grow on most continents.

cucumber bunch

The Benefits of Juicing Cucumbers

Hydrates the Body

Cucumbers contain a great amount of water and minerals, which makes it able to regulate body temperature.  The rich water helps in the body process of carrying nutrient-rich water to the cells and carrying waste from the cells. It is in the process of removing toxins from the body.  Cucumbers are about 95 percent water.

Anti-Cancer Benefits

Cucumbers are known for containing a good amount of vitamin C and caffeic acid, which gives it anti-flammatory properties.   They are dense in phytonutrient known for anti-cancer benefits. Cucumbers contain lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secioisolariciresinol.   These lignans have a connection of reducing certain cancer types, like breast cancer, uterine cancer, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer.  There is very good research on this subject matter.

Regulates Blood Pressure & Reduces Cholesterol

Researchers found that a compound called sterols in cucumbers might help in reducing cholesterol levels. Cucumbers contain a lot of potassium, magnesium and fiber. These work effectively for regulating blood pressure.  It works with low blood pressure or high blood pressure.

Beautiful Looking Skin

Cucumbers are great for the skin.  The large amount of water in cucumber helps to keep skin cells nourished and hydrated. The silicon and sulfur in cucumbers help to stimulate hair growth.

How’s Your Joint Health….

Cucumber is an excellent source of silica, which is known to promote good joint health by strengthening the connective tissues

Recipe for Flushing Toxins

1 cucumber

2 celery stalks

2 medium broccoli flowerets

Wash all vegetables. Peel cucumber if it is not organic – cut to fit juicer. Cut the broccoli flowerets to fit your juicer. Process all ingredients. More recipes www.magicofjuicing.com

The three vegetables together are a powerful detoxifier. You have your cucumber dehydrating your system. The broccoli cleanses the intestines and stimulates the liver. The celery reduces puffiness and cancels out the fermentation process of alcohol in your system.


Vitamins:  A, B3 B5, C, K, thiamin, riboflavin, beta-carotene, biotin folate and niacin.  Minerals:  calcium, iron, iodine, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and zinc.

It is highly likely cucumbers are sprayed with pesticides so it is important to buy organic. Peel them if they are not organic. The peel on cucumbers contains 10 % of Vitamin C, of your daily recommend allowance.

Juice to You’re Health!