Juicing with Fruits & Vegies for a Great Energy Drink.

All greens are good for the blood and are effective cleansers.

Wash all your produce.

1 cup kale or one good sized bunch
1/2 lemon -sliced
4 green apples – seeded & sliced – peeled if not organic
half head of romaine lettuce
2 celery stalks
Let me know how you like this recipe.

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Your Juicing Health Fanatics,
Georgia Nunn & Tonia Castillo


Citrus Boost Juice
2 Oranges
1/2 Lemon
1/2 Beet
4 Handfuls of Spinach
3 Celery Stalks
2 Carrots
1 Inch of Ginger

This juice helps boost your immune system, helps handle stress and loss weight.


You’re Juicing Health Fanatics,
Georgia Nunn & Tonia Castillo

11 Ways to Keep Stress Down

11 Ways to Keep Stress Down

Stress has been called the wear and tear of life. Stress causes a fight-or-flight hormones to flood the body. Stress is a highly personal reaction.

stress 4

Take time to identify the major sources of stress in your life. Use some methods to relieve you stress.

11 Ways to Keep Stress Down

1. Slow Down
2. Keep Calm
3. Be Positive
4. Take it Easy
5. Unplug
6. Enjoy Life
7. Have Fun
8. Breathe
9. Relax
10. Go Outside – even when cold just for a few minutes
11. Meditate

Stress is the leading culprit for causing high blood pressure. We sometimes forget to manage our stress. We often times find ourselves tense and on-edge. We need to look for ways to relieve that stress.

Here’s a Juice Recipes for Stress:

Green Machine

Handful parsley
Handful spinach
4-5 carrots
2 celery stalks

Wash all your vegetables and then process. Stir and drink. If you need something sweet add a piece of fruit.


¼ inch slice of gingerroot
½ cantaloupe, with skin

Wash cantaloupe and slice into pieces to fit your juicer. Peel the gingerroot. Process all ingredients. Stir and drink.


Juicing is a Recipe for Good Health

Juicing is a Recipe for Good Health

Let food be your medicine.

Fresh juice made from healthful fruits and vegetables provide the body with an astounding array of nutrients.

Almost before our digestives system kicks in, the nutrients in the juice we drink go to work protecting and strengthening our every living cell.

We are blessed to have so many fresh fruits and vegetables on the earth. It is important to your health to buy organic produce if at all possible. You are trying to avoid the overuse of chemicals in forms of pesticides and herbicides that leave toxins in your body. The corporate giants use deadly chemicals to ensure that their crops are uniformly sized, ripen when it is most convenient, and do not spoil after even weeks or months in cold storage.

Fruits energize and cleanse the body.

If you want robust health you need vegetables in your juice. The nutrients supplied by vegetables are the body builders. Ingesting them in juice is a concentrated form but helps with strong, healthy bodies free of aches, pains and heals more serious ailments.

If you have a temporary problem like headache, muscle ache, nausea or just a general icky feeling drink a glass of juice for quick recover.

If your headache is caused by a hangover try this recipe:

Too Much Booze

1 apple
1 orange
1 cup broccoli florets
1 cup cauliflower florets

Wash all ingredients. Slice apple and peeled if not organic. Peeled the orange and tear into segments. Process all ingredients. Stir and drink. This not a great tasting juice but it helps a hangover.

If you spent a night of overindulging…broccoli is a good hangover cure because it is rich in magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C, all the things your body craves after a night of drinking.
Heartburn Recipe

1 cup spinach
1 peppermint sprigs
5 carrots

Wash all ingredients. Peel carrots if not organic. Process all ingredients. Stir and drink.

Green smoothie with spinach

As you see you can use certain fruits and vegetable for your particular ailment.

Get recipes and start treating your body Fast Individualized Healthy Juicing Recipes


You’re Juicing Health Fanatics,
Georgia Nunn & Tonia Castillo

A Fall Juicing Recipe

A Fall Juicing Recipe

While going through the local supermarket purchasing fruits and vegetables for juicing, there was a whole fall display of squash.

Squash comes in amazing variety. Butternut squash (tan with one skinny end), pumpkin (ya know, the one we turn into jack-o-lanterns), acorn squash (petite, green and shaped like an acorn), calabaza (looks like a little pumpkin but with tan, red or green skin), delicata (like a fat cucumber with green and white stripes), hubbard (nubby looking with orange or grayish blue skin) and one of my all-time favorites: Spaghetti Squash (oval and yellow). Each has its own purpose for cooking and juicing and different flavors.

Here is juice recipe using squash…

Squash Mania

1 squash,
10 Brussels sprouts
2 tbsp. Wheat grass powder or store-bought juice

Wash all ingredients. Squash peeled and take the seeds out. Process squash and Brussels sprouts. Add wheat grass. Stir and Drink.


This a great energy boosting glass of juice.

Wheatgrass alone contains more than 100 key nutrients, such as amino acids, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and chlorophyll.

The glass of juice is packed with health –boosting benefits.

Drink up and feel better.


You’re Juicing Health Fanatics,
Georgia Nunn & Tonia Castillo

Homemade muffins with brown sugar on saucer over white textile

Don’t Throw the Pulp Away from Juicing

If you have been juicing daily you find that your fruits and vegetables leave a pulp. You can use that pulp in recipes.

Add it to salads, soups, muffins, cookies, cakes, burgers.

Mix vegetable pulp into pasta sauce or layer it in lasagna

My husband likes it when I am done juicing to feed the birds and rabbits.

Today I want to share a couple of recipes using the pulp from your juice.

Apple Cinnamon Muffins


½ cup apple pulp
2 cups of all-purpose flour
½ cup sugar
2 tsp. baking powder
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1 medium egg
1 cup cored, peeled and diced apples
1 tbsp. Ground cinnamon
¾ cup fresh apple juice
½ tsp. salt

Combine baking powder, flour, cinnamon, salt and sugar in a medium bowl. Blend well. In a small bowl, mix together apple juice, egg and oil before adding to the flour mixture. Add in apple pulp and chopped apples. Stir well.

Lined the muffin pan with baking cups, then add the batter filling about 2/3. Bake at 400 degrees for 18-20 minutes. Makes 12 muffins.

Beef and Pulp Burger


½ cup mixed vegetable plum or apple and carrot pulp
½ lb. ground grass fed beef
1/3 cup panko crumbs (you can use gluten free)or bread crumbs
¼ cup chopped cilantro
Salt and pepper to taste

Lightly oil your grill grate and pre-heat you grill on high. In a bowl combine all ingredients. Form into patties and grill for about 8-10 minutes per side or until golden brown.

Enjoy these recipes using your pulp.

Juice to Your Health!

You’re Juicing Health Fanatics,
Georgia Nunn & Tonia Castillo

Eat Diet Keys Showing Fiber Exercise Fat And Calorie Advice Online

Juicing Recipe for Your Kidneys

Kidney have a crucial function in our bodies. They are part of urinary tract. They help filter liquid waste. Plus they do:

• Stimulate Red Blood cell production
• Regulate the pH levels in your blood
• Regulate your water, salt, calcium and phosphorus levels
• Regulate you blood pressure
• They produce a form of vitamin D that promotes healthy bones

As you can see, they functions are necessary for your survival.

Having a healthy lifestyle and eating nutritious foods is important to your body.

Eat Diet Keys Showing Fiber Exercise Fat And Calorie Advice Online

Poor living habits lead to kidney stones, disease and kidney failure. Don’t get in that situation.

Here You’re Recipe to help your kidneys:

1 cup of watermelon
2 plums
1 cucumber

Wash all ingredients. Cut watermelon into smaller pieces. Peel cucumber if not organic and cut to fit your juicer. Process all ingredients. Stir and drink.

Juicing helps with having a healthy lifestyle. Juicing is a simple and quick way to get your daily requirements of vegetables and fruits.

Juice to Your Health!

You’re Juicing Health Fanatics,
Georgia & Tonia

What You Need to Know to Lose Belly Fat

What You Need to Know to Lose Belly Fat

So you want to get rid of some belly fat.

And you can’t help but be on the lookout for that magical exercise that will give you flat abs once-and-for-all.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble of hope…

But all the ab crunches in the world won’t make a dent in your belly bulge, as long as you continue with your unhealthy lifestyle.

This isn’t a cutting edge discovery. In fact, by now it’s common knowledge that spot reduction is a myth.

And yet, time after time, I’m asked to reveal the exercise, or exercise machine, that gets rid of stomach fat.

There is no such magical exercise.

The magic is found in altering your diet and exercise routine to promote fat loss from your overall body, including—but not limited to—your midsection.

Here’s how to really get rid of that belly fat:

Flat Belly Tip #1: Cut Out Processed Foods

You know how Disneyland has the FastPass tickets that allow you to cut to the front of the ride lines?

Consider processed foods as a FastPass ticket to belly fat.

I wouldn’t be surprised if future studies show that the over-processing, chemical additives and high fructose corn syrup that are pumped into processed food specifically adds fat around your belly.

If you want to lose pounds then stay away from sugars, sodas, chemically altered fats, processed, packaged, fried and preserved foods.

Flat Belly Tip #2: Eat Fresh, Whole Organic Foods

Once you’ve cut the garbage out of your diet, fill in the void with fresh foods such as:
• Vegetables
• Whole fruit
• Lean, high quality meat – like grass fed beef (get your Omega 3’s)
• Whole grains, in moderation

While these foods may seem boring at first, stick with it long enough and you’ll grow to love the unadulterated flavor of real food.

Did you know you need seven vegetables and two fruits a day to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs. I find juicing is the simplest way to get all the daily requirements in. You can juice several vegetables at time and fruit. By juicing in the morning you can give yourself most of the vitamins and minerals you need and the great side effect is energy for the day.

Eating a diet filled with the foods listed above will give your body all the nutrients it needs to shed pounds and lean out.
Flat Belly Tip #3: A Consistent, Challenging Exercise Program
The absolute best way to fight the battle of the belly bulge is with a consistent, challenging exercise program.
• Consistent: You should exercise 3-5 times each week.
• Challenging: If you want to see results then keep your body guessing with new exercises and varied intensity.
Read the Back Label, Not the Front
As a rule of thumb, never trust the claims on the front of a food package. Claims like: heart healthy, whole grains, or fiber-filled are never reason enough to purchase the item.

You see, the real truth about a packaged food item is hidden in the ingredient list on the BACK label, not in the bold claims on the front.

Scan that ingredient list for high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, sugar, hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated oils – if the food contains these items then rest assured that it’s not healthy and should not be eaten.
Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry with Mango
Eating healthy does not need to be boring! This Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry with Mango will wake up your taste buds, feed your muscles and satisfy your fiber needs, all in one delicious bowl! Meals like this, built around lean protein and veggies, are the way to eat in order to get your best fitness results possible. Enjoy! Servings: 6

Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry

Here’s what you need…
• 1 pound organic, boneless, skinless chicken breast
• 2 Tablespoons Olive oil
• 1 clove garlic, minced
• 1 yellow onion, chopped
• 2 heads broccoli, chopped
• 2 carrots, cut in half and then into 2 inch segments
• 2 heads baby bok choy, chopped
• 1 zucchini, chopped
• 1 teaspoon fresh ginger, minced
• 3/4 cup chicken broth (divided)
• 2 Tablespoons arrowroot starch
• 2 Tablespoons toasted sesame seed oil
• 1 Tablespoons ume plum vinegar
• 1 Tablespoon coconut aminos
• 1 ripe, organic mango, peeled, pitted and chopped

1. Rinse the chicken and cut into 1 inch cubes.
2. Place the olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the garlic and onions, sauté for about 10 minutes, until soft. Add the broccoli, carrots and chicken and cook an additional 10 minutes. Add the bok choy and zucchini. After 5 minutes add 1/4 cup of chicken broth, cover, and cook an additional 10 minutes.
3. In a small bowl combine the remaining 1/2 cup chicken broth, arrowroot, sesame oil, vinegar and coconut aminos. Add the seasoned mixture to the skillet, along with the chopped mango, and cook for another 5 minutes, stirring constantly until the mixture thickens.

Nutritional Analysis: One serving (without rice) equals: 243 calories, 11g fat, 675mg sodium, 15g carbohydrate, 4g fiber, and 19g protein

Juice to Your Health!

You’re Juicing Health Fanatics,
Georgia & Tonia