Juicing & Energy Levels

Juicing & Energy Levels

New juicers consistently experience a tremendous increase in energy levels.

Juicing helps the body’s digestive process and allows for quick absorption of high-quality nutrition.

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In return you get…more energy.

Your need a diet that is rich in raw foods like fresh fruit and vegetables.

  • It helps in reducing stress on the body due to the presence of enzymes in raw foods.
  • In also  helps in the reduction of allergenicity of raw food.
  • It helps with healthful effects of raw food on your gut bacteria ecosystem.

Remember to make half your diet should be composed of raw fruits an vegetables.

Juicing is a phenomenal way to reach this goal.

Juicing is an investment into Your Health!

Drink to Your Health!

Juicing Fanatic,

Georgia Nunn

Simple Juicing Prep Steps

Simple Juicing Prep Steps


Dear Friends,

Ever wonder what it would be like to open your fridge to find a full week of healthy, delicious food that’s prepped and ready to be eaten?

Sure would make sticking with your juicing diet and achieving fat loss a lot easier…

Juice prep is a fantastic way to keep on track with your drinking throughout the entire week.

The idea is to plan out all of your juicing schedule on the weekend, most often on Sunday, then do the shopping and the prep at one time for the entire week. This day is labor intensive, but then your food is ready-to-juice for the next 6 full days.

Vegetables and fruits are divided into three categories.

Here’s my 5 Step Juice Prep Guide to make your next juice prep week really simple:

Step One: Planning Get out your notebook and pen or pull up a blank note page on your iPad, it’s time to start planning for the week. Here are the questions that you’ll need to answer: 1) How many times a day am I going to drink juice?

  • Any thing special going on this week
  • Consider your appetite throughout the day
  • Plan each day

2) How many servings do I need for each meal or am I replacing a meal?

  • Family needs need to be considered
  • Any quests or visitors coming over
  • Plan each day

Step Two: Recipes Now it’s time to translate those meals + servings into actual recipes. Take a moment to consider the produce that is in season and any special requests or food allergies. 1) Look for the recipes you want to use for the week

  • Look on line for recipes
  • Pull out your favorite cookbooks
  • Find recipes on

2) Focus on a core group of ingredients

  • Plan recipes that use similar ingredients

3) Calculate leftover juice

  • Making enough for through out the day (make sure you have lemon in a whole days worth of juice)

4) Make your list

  • Narrow down to the exact list of recipes

Step Three: Grocery List Take your list of recipes and create a grocery list. A few things to keep in mind… 1) Pay attention to recipes that you’ll double or triple

2) Organize your list into these convenient sections:

  • Organic Produce by vegetable and fruit lists
  • Herbs/Spices

3) Check your pantry for items that you already have

  • Save money by avoiding double purchases

Step Four: Shopping It’s time to head to the grocery store!

Take your list and, if you’re lucky, a helper down to your local market and go through each section item by item.

Step Five: Food Prep You have options when it comes to the actual prep of each of your juicing recipes. Many of you will be able to fully make right away and pack in the fridge.

  • Chop all vegetables.
  • Cut up all fruits. In some cases you may want to cut your fruit the night before.   Pineapple is great to cut up and use days later.   On the other hand apple will look terrible after three days.  Apples will turn brown.
  • Gather all seasonings.

Getting into the habit of prepping your juicing experience for the week is a surefire way to accelerate your fat loss results.

It’s my goal to help people, just like you, conquer their fear of exercise and clear up their confusion with healthy eating.

I know that a healthy life is within your reach – I’ve seen my clients before you do it, and I’ll see hundreds after you do it. Today it’s your turn.

Juicing is an investment to your health!


Diabetes: Management through Juicing

Diabetes is a serious condition which is caused by either an inability to produce insulin or insulin uptake resistance. This disease is manageable, but requires dedication on your part.

One of the best ways to manage your diabetes is a healthy diet. A diet which is rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, but low in carbohydrates and sugars has been proven effective in maintaining Diabetes.

The American Diabetes Association recommends at least three to five servings of non-starchy vegetables a day. Non-starchy vegetables have a low glycemic index. This means that they won’t cause your blood glucose to spike.

If eating raw vegetables doesn’t sound appealing to you, than juicing is the best option. A single serving of vegetable juice is 1/2 cup. By juicing both vegetables and raw fresh fruits together, you gain the health advantages of vegetables with the taste of fruit.

Here is a recipe for YOU…
Handful spinach
4-5 Carrots, greens removed
Wash all vegetables. Peel carrots if not organic. Process the spinach and carrots together. Stir and drink.

A diet supplemented in juiced raw fruits and vegetables will result in weight loss. Weight loss is most commonly compounded with a decrease in blood glucose and A1C levels, which will improve the body’s glycemic control.

This improvement will be noticeable nearly immediately through a decrease in diabetic symptoms as well as occasional reversal of Type II diabetes. Juicing is not a cure-all for diabetes, but it does make the disease much more manageable.

Juice to Your Health!

The Health Power of Juicing Beets...

The Health Power of Juicing Beets…

Is your body producing enough nitric oxide? beetroot

Are you wondering how in the heck do beets and nitric oxide have in common?

Why do need beets?

If you are naturally, low in Nitric Oxide here some the health effects:

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Lack of stamina
  • Poor circulation
  • Fatigue or energy drain
  • Sexual enjoyment
  • Restless sleeping habits
  • Fuzzy thinking – poor brain health

These are very good reasons to juice beets.  I originally used it to lower my blood pressure.  I am now, sleeping solid.  Brain is even functioning better!

Americans over the age of 40 do NOT produce enough Nitric Oxide, according to the American Heart Association.

Having a healthy level of nitric oxide in your body is critical if you want a strong heart, relaxed arteries, great circulation, and smooth blood flow.

Japanese researchers have discovered that people ages 70-80 have lost 75% of Nitric Oxide production.

Important to know…. To help keep your blood flowing smoothly, nitric oxide inhibits platelet aggregation.

In Ancient times, beets and beetroot were used to treat fevers, constipation, wounds and various skin problems.

Beets come in several varieties:  red-purple, orange-yellow and white.  The unique red beets contain betanin and betacyanin which beneficial for your blood.  Yellow varieties are rich in B-xanthin pigment.

 Beets are highly nutritious and “cardiovascular health” friendly root vegetables.

Antioxidants in this root as well as in its top-greens have found to offer protection against coronary artery disease and stroke; lower cholesterol levels within the body, lower blood pressure and have slows the aging process.  Provides a glow to your skin.


Vitamins:  C, K, E, A, B-12, B-6, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate.  Minerals:  Calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, manganese and zinc.

Beet Juice will dilate your arteries, and boosts your circulation….

Beets… plain and simple have life-boosting benefits!

Beets will boost your nitric oxide.

You can buy Nitric Oxide Indicator Strips in local Walgreen, CVC or any place similar. Super easy to use and you know right away if you are depleted or low.  This something you can take care of yourself and manage yourself.  It’s call taking care of your health and control of your health.

 Raw beets are an excellent source of folates. It contains about 100g of this vitamin (Provides 27% of RDA).

Because of all the minerals, it helps in normal brain functions, reproductive functions, bone structures, and normal glucose metabolism.

The rich minerals contained in beets contribute to the well-being of the liver and gall bladder while building up the blood corpuscles and cells.

It stimulates the activity of the lymph glands.

It will lower your blood pressure.

It can help in lowering cholesterol numbers.

It flushes the kidneys and bladder.

Beets contain trytophan which relaxes the mind and keeps you calm.

Garden beet is very low in calories (provide only 45 kcal/100 g), and contains zero cholesterol and small amount of fat. Beets have a high sugar content but it released into you system slowly.

Modern science confirms the rejuvenating power of beets and beet juice:

“Evidence suggests beet juice improves heart health.”  Today’s Dietitia 

“Many Olympians in London were juiced on it.”  New York Times

“A daily dose of beet juice promotes brain health.”  Science Daily

“A daily glass of beet juice can lower your blood pressure.”  Daily Mail

Beet juice is very potent, NEVER drink it by itself.  You can add apple, carrot or cucumbers.  Example:  4 apples to 1/2 small beet.  Great addition to any juice.

Juice Recipe to Lower Your Blood Pressure

2  kale leaves

2  celery stalks

1   small beet

4-5 carrots

1/2 apple

1/2 cup of blueberries

1/2  inch of gingerroot

Wash all vegetables and fruit.   Cut up beet to fit your juicer.  Peel carrots if not organic and then cut them if necessary.  Peel apple if not organic and slice to fit juicer.  Peel gingerroot.  Process all ingredients.  You can add another beet.

First glass of juice I had lowered my blood pressure 30 points.  I hope it works for just as well for you, as did for me.

KNOW where your nitric oxide level….

Keeping your nitric oxide level at its optimal level will help you in having more energy, good blood flow to your heart, support a healthy blood pressure because arteries are relaxed, it relaxes and widens your blood vessels, improves blood flow to the brain, and it will heighten sexual enjoyment.

Because I do not like eating beets, by juicing I get beets into my daily diet.

Juice to Your Health!

You’re Juicing Fanatic,

Georgia Nunn